Bluechip JetX Game

On our website, you will find a lot of different casino slots and games of all types. Bluechip JetX is one of the most popular and interesting games you can try. This game recently become popular because of its innovative concept and structure. So let’s explore why this game became so popular among users and why you should also try it!

JetX game in details

JetX is an unusual and innovative casino game

JetX is an unusual and innovative casino game from Smartsoft Gaming. The main structure is based on classical crash casino games which are very popular bets also with some additions and features. 

The bottom line is that the player makes a bet before the start of the round. As in any other crash casino game, after the start of the round, the multiplier for the bet begins to grow. While it is growing, the player has the right to withdraw the multiplied amount of the bet. But as soon as the multiplier reaches its random maximum, the bet burns out if the player did not want to withdraw it before that. At the same time, the multiplier is always guaranteed, its value can vary from extremely small numbers, for example, 1.01 to extremely huge multipliers.

The main idea and interest of the game are that the player actually has control, which he does not have in regular slots. The interest is based on the fact that the player always wants to multiply his bet and the more – the better. However, the whole excitement is that he does not know when the growth of the multiplier will stop. Because of all this, players are so attracted to games like “Crash”, such as JetX.

The game is also actively gaining popularity and audience because it gives the player the opportunity to weigh the risks, come up with a strategy and consider possible options for the outcome of the round. This makes JetX extremely different from other slots. Playing JetX, the player gets almost complete control over how to place a bet and when to withdraw it.

By itself, the crash is not the newest type of slot machine in the casino. However, JetX gives the player new features and options that were not provided before. At the same time, JetX is made extremely efficiently and without various bugs and lags, which is very important and gives the player plenty to enjoy the gameplay without any inconvenience.

Strategy and Tactics

Bluechip JetX has its strategy and tactics

Bluechip JetX is not an ordinary casino slot machine. It doesn’t work like regular slots. In almost all other casino games, the player can only press the scroll button and wait for a successful combination to fall out. In turn, JetX is a game about patience and reaction. The gambler also needs to think about previous multipliers and results. And based on these factors he should place the next bets.

As the crash type of slot machine JetX also has some tactics. The first thing about JetX is that you should previously think about previous results. If you see that the last multiplier was high for example x10 or even x100, then there is the probability that a couple of the next multipliers will be too low and will not have enough reaction to withdraw. Some gamblers often say that after a large multiplier, the slot machine “wants to get rid of” in this way. But everything is random!

Some gamblers have special game tactics which help them. All of them are based on the amount of bet. This slot machine also has a special option for auto withdrawal. You can turn it on or turn it off. The main thing is that your bet will be automatically withdrawn after a certain multiplier.

One of the most simple tactics is based on this function. The point is that gamblers place a low bet on a large multiplier with auto withdrawal. And opposite to this, they place a large bet on a low multiplier with the same options. By doing this the amount of withdrawal will be pleasant in any way but sometimes you can also lose. 

There are also special tactics for gamblers with low and high budgets. If you have a low budget you can place a small bet and click the withdrawal button a couple of seconds after the beginning. The chance of loss decreases and after a few bets like this, you will multiply your bets! The idea of strategy for those who have a high budget is quite the same. You can place high bets and instantly press the withdrawal button. Because of the high bet the winning amount will also be high. But once again there is still the chance of loss.

There are also a couple of special strategies. The main idea of the first one is that the gambler increases the amount of bet after each loss. And after winning the gambler decreases it back to the first condition. The idea of the second strategy is in betting an equal amount with auto withdrawal on a certain multiplier and after winning gambler bets the prize again.  

JetX is a game where you have different variants and options. Almost everything is actually in your hands. You can create your own strategy or use one of the written above. In this game, everything is up to you!

How to start playing the Bluechip JetX Game?

Bluechip JetX requires you to create an account before playing

If you are excited about JetX on our website you will also need to complete several points to start playing. The first one is obviously to create an account at Bluechip. Don’t worry it will not take a lot of time! You just need to visit the official Bluechip website and click the “Registration” button which is in the upper right corner. You can create an account using your email or phone number. You will also need to choose the preferred currency. And of course, you will be able to enter your promo code during the registration!

After creating an account you will need to make your first deposit. Our website has tons of different payment options and everyone will be able to find the suitable one! After choosing the payment method you will just need to enter the amount of money and make your first deposit. We also have special welcome bonus offers which will help you to start playing JetX!

After making your deposit you will need to find the “Games” section and find the JetX slot there. You also can use the search bar or simply click on the JetX link. After that, you will be able to try this game in “Demo” mode or start making real money on this game. All you need to do is to enter the wished amount of bet and click on the “Place your bet” button before the round starts. You can also place two separate bets with individual settings including the amount of bet and auto-withdrawal multiplier. Now you can fully enjoy the JetX game at Bluechip!

JetX Interface

JetX has a quality interface with cool graphics and design

This game was created by Smartsoft company. The slot has a high-quality interface with cool graphics and design. The main idea is a flying jet which you can see in the center. On the left side, you will see the results of previous rounds which will help you to make a decision. At the bottom of the slot, you will find your main instruments for betting. There are two separate “Place your bet” buttons with the settings above. There you will find two fields above each button. The first one is used to enter the bet amount and the second one is used to enter the auto-withdrawal multiplier.

You will also find live chat and statistics sections in the slot machine. Right after the jet starts to fly you will be able to see the current multiplier right in the center of your screen. This game was created by a team of professionals so you will not see any bugs or stutters while playing JetX. The interface is pretty simple so everyone will be able to enjoy this game!

JetX versions

What are the Versions of JetX

On our website, you will find two different versions of the JetX game from Smartsoft company. They are quite similar but obviously have differences. So here is a table about each version

JetXThe first version is a usual JetX about a flying jet. That was described before. 
JetX3JetX3 has a more futuristic design. The main idea is spaceships that are flying to unknown planets. If you want something new in JetX then the JetX3 game will be perfect for you. There is also a new feature. You will be provided with the option to place 3 different bets at the same time on three spaceships!

Bonus offers for JetX

Our company also offers gamblers to participate in different promotions and receive bonuses. And we also have special promotions for the JetX game. The main one is a limited “JetX Tournament Series” promotion. The main idea is to complete different missions in this game. After completing the mission you will receive spins for a wheel which will give you from 1 to 100 special points. The more points you have – the higher will be your position on the leaderboard. The first place will bring you more than ₹600.000!

Bluechip JetX for mobile devices

Bluechip JetX works on mobile devices

As one of the biggest gambling companies we also offer our users a mobile application for gambling. We understand that in today’s reality, it is necessary to provide customers with all possible options and features for their comfort. So that we have created our mobile gambling app with all possible casino and betting options.

Our app will allow you to enjoy gambling everywhere where you have an Internet connection. It has a modern and high-quality interface which is also user-friendly so it will not take a lot of time to find all the necessary functions. 

And of course, you will be able to play the JetX game in our mobile gambling application. This game was also adapted to mobile devices and thanks to that you will be able to enjoy this game with comfort. the Bluechip mobile app also has low system requirements and is available for Android and IOS. To download the app and enjoy JetX on your smartphone you will need to follow the next instructions. 


How to download the JetX app on your Android device

To download the app on an Android device you will need to create an account on the Bluechip official website and after that find the mobile app section. There you will need to choose the Android system and download the APK file of the app. You will also need to change the security settings of your phone which allow you to download files from unknown resources. After downloading the APK file you will need to open it and install the app. There you will have to log in to your account and find the JetX game in the list!


How to download the JetX app on your ios device

For IOS users the process will be quite similar. You will also have to create an account on our official website and go to the mobile app section. After choosing the IOS platform you will start downloading the application. There you will also need to log in to your account and search for the JetX game. Now you are able to pay for it wherever you want!

Why should you try JetX?

JetX is a kind of unique online casino game.

As was said before JetX is a kind of unique game for online casinos. It allows gamblers to feel something unusual from other slot machines. A sense of control and making risky decisions is a thing that attracts users to JetX. This game brings new features and options to the gambling industry and you should obviously try it!


JetX is one of the best crash-type games in the industry. It brings a lot of new features which are combined with a pleasant and good-looking interface. The interface is also user-friendly and allows gamblers to enjoy this game in comfort. You can make tactics and strategies and make decisions that will bring you real money. That is why this game is so popular!


Here are some answers to the most popular questions about the JetX game!

  • Is there an auto-bet option in JetX?

    Yes! You can switch on this function near the bet area.

  • What payment options can I use to place bets in JetX?

    You can use usual credit cards, PayTM, Netbanking, and even Cryptocurrencies!

  • Does JetX use random numbers?

    Yes, this game is based on random numbers generator as well as almost every casino game!